Types of Bed Sheet Materials

There is a host of brilliant brands and manufacturers when it comes to buying the best bed sheets. Whether it is on discount offer or perhaps from a designer brand, just how does one determine the best bed sheet material? Well, It is important to note that when selecting the ideal sheets, there are myriad aspects that you must take into account. Fabric and weave type along with your preference for the most comfortable material for your unique needs are just some few points to mention.

Type of the bed sheets materials

The quality of the fabric is by far one of the crucial aspects to take into account. Some brilliant materials include:

  • Cotton polyester- this type of material tends to be the most affordable on the market, and it is also simple to clean and soft on the skin as well. Cotton is a common type of material since it is breathable, durable, highly available and affordable as well.
  • Egyptian cotton- this is one of the most elegant and luxurious fabric types and is made from extra long staple cotton grown in the luscious highlands of Egypt. More so, Egyptian cotton sheets will keep you warm during cold nights and relatively cool in during summer and are highly breathable Sheet Set Reviews – BedSheetAdvisor.com.

  • Flannel- is a unique combination of cotton whereby quality is not measured by thread count, but by the average number of ounces of material per square yard of fabric. These types of bedsheets while expensive, are common for their warm and soft nature that makes them for people who have small children
  • Pima cotton- Pima cotton is also typical for its natural sheen and soft nature as well. It normally features medium to extra-long fibers that make it especially ideal for bed sheets. The Pima cotton typically grows in the southwestern part of the U.S.A and various other locations.